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Faith in Action

Hello. We are Faith in Action Merton, and our mission is to help the local homeless by running a Drop-In  to welcome the homeless and vulnerably housed.

Andy the Manager

On reception at the Merton Homeless Drop-In. There is a warm welcome and a hot meal for all, and help with getting the right certificates, job centre registration, and finding accommodation.

Service user with staff member

Caroline having a conversation outside the Merton Homeless Drop-In

Lunch, and meeting people

Service users enjoy a freshly-cooked lunch

Lunch at the Homeless Drop-In

Our lunches are renowned for being tasty and nutritious, and we have two teams of cooks working hard to make something special for our service users

Friday kitchen volunteers

cook a high-quality lunch for service users

Wednesday kitchen volunteers

cook a high-quality lunch for our service users

Internet access

enables our service users to register with the Job Centre and helps them move on


We have two washing machines and a drier for service users’ clothes


We receive many generous clothing donations, and clothes are available for service users who need them


help out in all sorts of capacities – and have a great time whilst doing so!


Our volunteers lend a caring and non-judgmental ear. For many of our Drop-In users, this is the first time they have been properly listened to in a long time.

Drop-In staff

Angela and Caroline are project workers at the Merton Homeless Drop-In


We are grateful to those who run all sorts of fund-raising events, from sleep-outs to quiz-nights like this one.

Sponsored sleepout

Bedding down for the night in sub-zero temperatures – for a good cause this time. But for many of our Drop-In visitors this is a regular, unavoidable and dangerous experience.

COVID-19 Update: Unfortunately, due to government restrictions, currently we are only open for pre-arranged appoinments  on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am to 2pm.  If you are homeless and would like to make an appointment to see one of our team members please contact us at 07843 280419 or email us at team@mertonfaithinaction.org. Thank you.

Venue: the Merton Homeless Drop-In takes place at the Salvation Army Hall, 109 Kingston Road, London SW19 1LT.

Resources: Here are a variety of resources providing information about the work of the Drop-In.

Donations needed

We are a charity and rely on your support to maintain this essential work. Please help.
Support the ‘Square Meal Appeal’ every month.

  • £5 pays for two Square Meals
  • £10 pays for razors for two weeks to enable service users to shower and shave
  • £17 pays the cost of one average service user’s day at the Drop-In
  • £30 pays for two new, warm sleeping bags which we give out to those rough sleeping
  • £50 pays for a month’s worth of the warm socks and underclothes our service users need
  • £100 pays for a UK passport, providing ID needed for job applications.

Contribute via JustGiving, or contact us to make a donation or join our regular supporters list. Larger amounts gratefully received. Fundraising events are welcome too. See the Donate page.

Donate supplies We can receive donations when the Drop-In is open, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am to 3pm.
>> Download FiA useful donations.

Faith in Action on Twitter
See Twitter for the latest from the Merton Homeless Drop-In.

Video produced by media students at Brooklands College, Weybridge
This 4-minute film tells the story of Ryan, a homeless young man who visits the Faith in Action Merton Homeless Drop-In. Click on the video below.

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