Christmas donations for homeless people

Those who use the Merton Homeless Drop-In would be particularly grateful for the following items:

Sleeping bags: really useful in an emergency.
Mobile phones: service users need simple functioning mobile phones so they can be contacted by outreach teams, employers, health services, and others. A basic Alcatel or Nokia will cost a couple of pounds but with a compulsory credit of £10.00.
Phone chargers: functioning second-hand chargers are good.
Oyster cards: with a £5.00 credit, oyster cards enable service users to travel to appointments.
Cans of meat with a ring-pull opening: our service users really appreciate taking away a can of ham or luncheon meat to make sandwiches when they are living on the street.
Cans of tomatoes and jars of coffee: we use these in the Drop-In all the time.
Marmite, peanut butter and Nutella: nutritious luxuries.
Breakfast cereals / tinned fruit / biscuits: quick food for hungry service users.
Individually wrapped chocolates: Quality Street type chocolates are always appreciated.
Men’s socks, pants and tee-shirts: after a shower it is wonderful to be able to put on clean boxer shorts and socks. We are looking for medium-sized boxers, tee shirts, and socks in dark colours.
Women’s knickers, socks and tee-shirts: women are in a minority in the Drop-In and we do need to provide for them.
Men’s gloves: at this time of year, warm gloves are extremely important.
Track suit trousers: these are comfortable and easy to wear.
Shampoo, washing powder and fabric conditioner: we offer showers and laundry for homeless people and always need these.
Disposable razors: these offer homeless people a chance to look so much smarter.

>> Download an A4 poster giving this information: Christmas donations 2018.