For the first time ever, the Homeless Drop-in run by Faith in Action Merton is running at a loss. 
Please help us to secure our future by making a financial donation. 

  • Our costs are up by more than 50% in five years, whilst our donations have fallen. 
  • Since the pandemic, demands on the Drop-in have grown – we now offer more one-to-one support than ever before for local people who are either homeless, or at risk of homelessness.  
  • Their support needs are rising significantly – this means we need more, better trained, staff and volunteers. 
  • We need to increase our capital investment in the Drop-in to maintain our core services such as hot lunches, laundry, internet access etc. 
  • To pay our way, we are now having to dig into our reserves, which we can’t do indefinitely.  

So, we need to increase our income through regular and one-off donations. Please help if you can. 

Donate online – visit our JustGiving page, where you can make a one-off contribution or sign up to a regular monthly donation. In both cases you can take advantage of GiftAid, which will increase the sum we receive by 20% if you pay enough tax (see below for more details).  

Please note: JustGiving charges all donors a “Voluntary Donation” on the ‘Your donation summary’ page, which you can decrease to a minimum of 50 pence (or other sum of your choice) by selecting ‘Enter custom amount’ and typing in your preferred sum eg £0.50. This sum is retained by JustGiving to cover their processing costs and does NOT go to the charity.

If you are able, you may wish to consider donating all, or part, of your UK Government Energy Price Guarantee Scheme payment or Winter Fuel Allowance. 

Monthly Standing Order – these are enormously valuable as they help us to plan our budget. For a leaflet with a Standing Order and Gift Aid form, please click here

Gift Aid it – enable us to reclaim basic rate tax on your gift from HMRC. On JustGiving follow the instructions to choose the Gift Aid option, or tick the Gift Aid box on the donation form
Please note: you must pay an amount of income or Capital Gains Tax equal to your total charitable donations each year. 

Thank you for your support; together we can continue to help local homeless and vulnerably-housed people. 

The Trustees of Faith in Action Merton Homelessness Project.

PS As winter approaches, we also urgently need warm men’s clothing, particularly jackets, jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, boots and trainers; also rucksacks. If you are able to help, please email us at or phone 07843 280419.