Health & Safety and Welfare policy and procedures

General statement of intent

The policy of FiA Trustees is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all employed and volunteer workers, and to provide the necessary information, training and supervision for that purpose. The Management Committee is responsible for the establishment of the policy for the health and safety of staff, volunteers and service users. Health & Safety responsibilities and arrangements for implementing this policy are set out below.

Safety objectives

To do all that is reasonably practicable to provide for employees and volunteers a safe place of work, safe appliances for work, and a working environment that is healthy and safe, with satisfactory amenity facilities.

  • To ensure that the provisions of relevant safety legislation, regulations and codes of practice are observed.
  • To provide and maintain safe premises and equipment including appropriate protective clothing.
  • To ensure safety and absence of health risks in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances.
  • To ensure that systems of work are safe, make regular risk assessments, and provide training and advice for staff.
  • To promote joint consultation between trustees and staff in the interest of health and safety at work.
  • To promote effective communication and
  • co-operation with employees of other employers who may use the premises from time to time.
  • To ensure that people who are not employees but use the premises (volunteers, service users, visitors) are safe and without risk to their health as a result of the work activities of FiA.
  • To review this policy periodically.

Health & Safety procedures

These procedures are based on the FiA Health & Safety and Welfare Policy, and should be read in conjunction with this and the Risk Assessment Policy and Procedure. These procedures are intended to provide practical guidance on a range of health and safety issues.

Responsibility and arrangements for Health & Safety at FiA

Position Responsibility and arrangements
Trustees   Formulation of health and safety, and fire safety, policy and procedures. To ensure policy and procedural compliance at all levels in the organization. To review the policy, risk assessments and procedures on a periodic basis and amend them when necessary.
Project Managers   To implement health and safety, and fire safety, policy and procedures at the centre. Carry out risk assessments and control checks. Provide copies of risk assessments to the guardians of young and vulnerable workers. To ensure that all members of staff, volunteers, contractors and centre users comply with health and safety and fire safety policy and procedures. To initiate emergency procedures when necessary, including those relating to security incidents. To ensure that all members of staff and volunteers are trained in their roles and are trained in health and safety and fire safety procedures. Allocate fire marshals to assist during incidents. To inform all members of staff, volunteers, contractors and centre users of all necessary health and safety and fire safety documentation and procedures. To ensure the safety of members of the public and visitors. To inform the Trustees and Landlord of any deficiencies in the provision of health and safety and fire safety at the centre. Act as First Aiders.
Building Manager for The Salvation Army   Responsible for maintaining the building. Ensuring that the building complies with fire and safety regulations. Liaising with FiA in regard to premises, health & safety and fire safety issues.
Consultant   Provision of the Fire Risk Assessment.

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