Volunteer Handbook

Download the Volunteer Handbook (pdf file]
Where you see this arrow icon in the handbook, more information on the topic is available here on our website. Simply click the relevant links below.
3.8 Volunteer problem-solving procedure
8 Equality policy
9 Safeguarding policy for vulnerable adults
14 Health & Safety and Welfare policy and procedures
15 Risk Assessment policy and procedure
16 Offensive Weapons policy and procedures
19 Exclusion policy and procedure

A message from our Chair of Trustees:

THANK YOU for being one of our wonderful and highly-valued team of volunteers, helping and supporting homeless and vulnerably-housed people in and around Merton.

Whether you’re new to the Faith in Action Merton Homelessness Project (FiA) or have been volunteering with us for a number of years, this handbook is for you. It’s your guide to our charity, the work of the Drop-in, our policies and other key information that you need to know as a volunteer.

We hope that it will answer any questions you may have, but if not, then
please let us know. Email the management team at team@mertonfaithinaction.org.

FiA would not be all that it is without the incredible enthusiasm, skills and
dedication of all our volunteers. There are many rewards to be gained from
volunteering, and we want to maximise the benefits for each and every
volunteer. In particular, FiA is committed to providing a supportive environment and the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge as a volunteer.

This handbook contains copies of all relevant FiA policies. Please, in particular, note that all volunteers are covered by the FiA insurance policy, which includes personal accident and liability insurance. Do ensure that you understand and adhere to our policies, which are designed to protect you, our service users (many of whom can be quite vulnerable), and the integrity and reputation of the charity itself. If you’re unsure about any aspect, please raise it with one of the management team, who will always be ready to help.

Thank you again for your hard work and commitment to helping everyone
who needs and benefits from our work at the Drop-in.

Bernie McAlister