Risk Assessment policy and procedure

At the Drop-In, which is the main activity conducted by FiA, the main categories of risk are as follows:

15.1  Risks arising from the premises

• to staff and general volunteers
• to volunteers working in the kitchen
• to service users
• to visitors

15.2  Risks arising from people in or around the premises

• to staff and volunteers
• to service users
• to visitors

15.3  Risks arising from activities

• normal weekly activities
• unusual or special activities
• activities conducted off the premises

In order to carry out effective risk assessment it is necessary to decide whether a hazard is significant, and whether satisfactory precautions to minimize the risk have been taken.

The five-step approach recommended by the Health & Safety Executive is used:

STEP 1 Look for hazards

STEP 2 Decide who might be harmed and how

STEP 3 Evaluate the risks and decide whether existing precautions are adequate

STEP 4 Record your findings

STEP 5 Review the assessment and revise it when necessary

Detailed guidance on following these steps is kept in the Risk Assessment folder.

Risk assessments are carried out on the Risk Assessment form attached to the policy and kept in the risk assessment folder. The issue of risk assessment must be considered whenever a new piece of equipment or activity is introduced.

Risk assessments arising from observations of individual service users are carried out when a service user first requests support, alongside the Introduction Form. They are updated as necessary and kept in the individual service user files. These are always available for staff and volunteers to consult. Volunteers are informed of any changes in risk, and a record of this is kept in the briefing book.

The Management Committee member responsible for risk assessment must ensure that the risk assessments are properly carried out and recorded in the folder. Following this, they are responsible for advising and supporting the Project Manager on risk assessment issues, and carrying out an annual review of the risk assessment folder and procedures and reporting back to the committee.

The risk assessment folder must contain copies of the following documents:

• this policy, including the risk assessment form

• the risk assessments in the relevant categories

• Health and Safety Executive and other guidance on risk

• evidence of review.

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