A song called ‘A Homely Blessing’ is raising awareness of homelessness issues and fundraising for Faith in Action. Ruth Carlyle, a former trustee of Faith in Action, has written and sings the lyrics.

The link below will take you to online platforms on which you can find the song, a blog post about the project by the composer Helen Sanderson White, together with a JustGiving link to donate to Faith in Action.

We hope that you’ll enjoy listening to the song, and consider donating to support the valuable work of the Drop-in. 

A reminder about donating via JustGiving 
JustGiving charges all donors a “Voluntary Donation” on the ‘Your donation summary’ page, which you can decrease to a minimum of 50 pence (or other sum of your choice) by selecting ‘Enter custom amount’ and typing in your preferred sum eg £0.50. This sum is retained by JustGiving to cover their processing costs and does NOT go to the charity.